Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is it really Saturday again?

   I have been a BIG slacker and haven't posted in well a week!  It has been a crazy week around my house.  Britt has been out of town working, and so therefore I have to do everything myself!  This makes it hard when I am gone 7 days out of the week and have to attend to the house duties and the pups as well.  Luckily, I have an amazing future MIL and she comes over when Britt is out of town to let out the pups and let them run around for a little while so they don't have to be kenneled for 12 plus hours a day, It wouldn't be fair to them! 
    I am pretty close to my Mom, I talk to her more than probably anyone in my family( like 3-10 times a day-- I drive alot and she keeps me company) except of course for Britt, but she is someone who I can always tell anything to, and she will listen.  But, anyways, she started on my bridesmaids dresses the night before last, I couldn't be more excited to see how they turn out!  My Mom was a custom dress maker for years, but my Step-Dad and her have a musical instrument company that keeps her pretty busy!  When I couldn't find the dress that I wanted, I asked her to make it, I really wanted this

dress from J.Crew>>>
However, I would never want to spend or expect my maids to pay $250 dollars for a dress.  So we found a similar pattern and she is going to add the collar to hopefully get the look I am going for!  Oh and this is pretty much similar to the color that they will be but in a little more purple hue of burgandy.  Anyways, I will post up some pictures when she is done with the muslin.  She is pretty close from what I hear to being done and then my lovely Sister will be modeling the dress!  Hopefully I will be able to get some more blog's in this week.  Britt is still on overnights, but he is home so I will have some more free time.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Changing Times

Britt and I both grew up going to church on Sunday, which was something that was never forgotten.  Britt's Grandpa was actually a Baptist Minister until his passing in 1991.  It seems as we both grew older, going to church was put on the back burner.  With my recent increase in school, work and clinical hours, Britt and I had a conversation about returning to church.  I asked myself and Britt why would we want God to help us get through things, but yet not worship him and put him first?  The answer was we shouldn't and never should have!  We have starting attending church again, and putting our full trust in the great man upstairs!  I know that he will bring us through this challenging time, and he will always provide for us!  I am so glad to be back in church, but also celebrate Easter, knowing that I have no doubt that he will be there for us!! Also on a positive note, I am off tomorrow from work, my first day off in 21 days!  I am so beyond excited! 

Happy Easter Everyone!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

That Easter Bunny is coming...

   I have the two cutest nephews ever!  Alex is now 5 and is in preschool and so they have been talking about Easter!  My sister, Jason, and the boys went to my Mom's house so my sister could get fitted for her bridesmaids dress for my wedding on Tuesday night.  While they were there the boys had quite the stories for my Mom, Alex informed my Mom of the following it made me chuckle! 

Alex: That Easter Bunny is coming this weekend.
Mom: Oh he is?
Alex: Yea, and you know he came to my school, and that bunny, he left us some eggs.

Unfortuntely, I won't be able to see my favorite little guys this Easter, they will be with their Dad, but, I just love to hear the stories they have.  It is amazing how smart they have become and how much they have grown in a little short period of 3 and 5 years! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bows, Bows, and more Bows!

Wow!  I am so glad it's Sunday, though I don't have a day off during the week, Sunday is my day that I get to relax a little more, go to church and then finish up at work with a kind of laxed day!  So out of all of my days of the week this one of the less stressful ones!  Since I pretty much live at work, I have begun making hairbows!  I have a ton of little girls not only in my family but also my friends babies and so I am getting so good practice in, so maybe someday I can sell them!  Not only do I really enjoy making them, but it seems to make my days at work a little easier and it's kind of a stress reliever in a way, which I can definatley use!  My Sunday's have gotten shorter at work which is a blessing in itself!  I passed my comphrensive so I am getting to spend some more time at home on Sundays!  Yay for Sunday, here's to a great week!! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My WILD turkey's!!

I had to take a comprehensive test today for class, if I pass this one then that means less time at school and more time at work on Tuesdays!  So, therefore I will have more time on Sunday to study, do house work and hang out with Britt and the pups!  Since I just had to take the test today, I got to leave class early and instead of getting off at 9 I got off at 7!  Britt and I ate dinner together which we wouldn't' have been be able to normally since he is currently on nights and leaves for work before I get home from work!  We ate some delicious chicken spideni and broccoli cheese soup from Hen House!  Britt left for work and then my wild animals decided they needed to go out.  Britt hadn't taken them for a walk today so I decided to tackle it before we headed to bed.  They were so crazy pulling, sniffing everything, tangling themselves up in each others leash!  Finally they calmed down and it was an easier trek back home!   Speaking of the pups, Mork got a hair cut yesterday, we like to shave him in the warm months because he gets so warm with his black hair!  I also made kolachee after dinner, one of Nana's dessert's she makes :)  
Mork sporting his new doo!


My newest sign:)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week... end!

Today is number 6 of my 7 days of working whether it be clinicals (which I consider work- I just don't get paid) or work!  I am EXHAUSTED to say the least. Britt has been an amazing and been a trooper at doing things around the house and taking care of me even when I am kinda of whiney!  I am pretty lucky!  I got to see my friend Amber's little daughter this week Taylor!  She is getting so big!  Amber lives an hour away and my clinical site happens to be 10 minutes south of her so I will get to see her and little Tay over the next 6 months every week, which I am really excited! Phone conversations don't always keep you up to date!  Here's to one more day of this work week! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Manic Monday

Today I started at my new clinical site so I got up and got ready and headed out to my car to find it really beat up.  The hail storm really hammered on the poor Kia last night.  I had to get on the road, and on lunch I called my Uncle Rod and he told Britt and I to bring down the vehicles for him to do some estimates to get them fixed.  Mine got the worst of the two with $4400.00 in damage :(!  However, my clinical day was pretty slow, as a matter of fact I got to experience Nuclear Medicine, MRI & CT!  I think that my placement will be really good, it is just a much different style of hospital because it is so small!  They did tell me today was a very off day because it was so slow, and they said they handle a lot of trauma which I am really looking forward to! Overall it was a good day!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Last weekend before the madness begins...

I have been out of class on break for 2 weeks now, Monday marks the beginning of my 2nd year of clinicals and my final approach towards graduation!  I can't wait to be done with school and really loving what I do everyday!  I did however get to go check out my new clinical site Thursday and that was a treat!  I am going from a very large hospital to a small community hospital an hour and five minutes away, which is a big change in more ways that one!  Hopefully, it will be a good change for me, but it will take some getting used to before I really get back in the swing of things. Mork and Macie are getting really excited that the weather is getting warmer, since I have had some extra time lately we have been able to go on some family walks which we all really enjoy.  They also get to sit on the patio which is one of their favorite things to do.  Britt doesn't have a ton going on right now just working like crazy and getting the garage all organized for future projects that we get ourselves into! 

         Our most recent garage project: