Sunday, September 18, 2011

6 days

        I can't believe it's almost here, it seemed like so long ago when we planned to get married 1 year from the day we got engaged but yet here it is!   My work schedule is a little different this week, and less hectic since I don't have school ( I'm on break). I am working 4-10's and then a couple evenings because I wasn't able to work on Saturday,  I had to attend a wedding and a baby shower! Even though I am working less hours compared to my 72, I have many appointments this week with the preacher, hair, dj, we met with the photographer today and my dress fitting.  I am sure there will be more to add to this, but this is it for now.  I still have a couple small details to finish up, but my list that was so long a couple of weeks ago is dwindling with just a few more items! 

       I can finally honestly say, I am excited for the wedding, up until this week though, I have been just wanting to get it over with. It sounds so harsh, but my schedule made my wedding planning just something else on my plate.  Thank goodness for the fact that my event center does almost everything for me, and I just had the little details left, which made my life so easy when it came to planning the wedding!

      Here's to a good final week of being a single lady and a Denniston, I can't wait to Mrs. Nelson, and I'm only 6 days away! 

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Everyone struggles at some point in time.  I seem to struggle in phases, or so it seems. Anytime, I am having a struggle, I pray and try to find a Bible verse to get me through, or I may cry and have a pity party for myself or, I may do a combination of any of these.  It seems lately though, I have struggled alot.

I hate struggling, it seems it catches me at the worst times.  Recently I have been struggling about getting a job right out of school, working 72 hours a week, not being able to buy a house and living in a 1 bedroom apartment (don't get me wrong my apartment is nice, I just want a house of my own), and having children. 

I know that God always says he will provide for you, but sometimes I feel like I struggle with the speed of things, I want things right now, and I can't have them right now.  I found a pretty awesome Bible verse yesterday, after a struggle of having to work, after a long day at the hospital and it is:

Psalm 37:4
   Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart

This Bible verse is so true in so many ways, I have to put my trust in the good Lord upstairs that he will take care of me and give me things when he knows that I am ready.  He knows what I want and everything will fall in place, if it is something I want but it's not right for me, I know that I will be okay, because God never gives me something that I can't handle.

I'm trying to focus on the good things and have a positive outlook on life.  Even if something brings me down, it's important that I focus on the positive, and know that I will have a great friend walking through the struggle with me!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Disrespect & Frustration

The countdown is nearing it's end!  I can't believe in exactly two weeks today, I will be having my rehersal! Ekk!  While I am totally thrilled and am starting to get that little excitement, I am completely stressed because there is so much to do and so little time.  The wedding really hasn't stressed me out until a tiny bit recently, and honestly, I think my friends are a little more stressed out that I won't get everything I need to get finshed, completed.  More than anything, school and work are stressing me out! I have finals next week, my last week of diagnostic x-ray rotations, and my last week before the wedding!  Work has been extrememly busy and we are getting new members all the time, which makes for extremely exhausing and long days on the phone! 

Speaking of the wedding, I am starting to get tired of people breaking promises.  Ugh!  You truely find out who cares when it comes to important events in life.  I am so sad for Britt, neither of his Grandmother's will be at the wedding, they are both pretty far up there in age and are always sick or so it seems, so I can't really get too upset with them, I am just sad that they won't be there for Britt.  Secondly, most all of Britt's family is from out of town, we purposely sent out save the dates 9 months ago and they of course got our invites to the wedding and up until 3 weeks ago, almost if not all of them were coming!  However, 2 weeks ago we were notified that no one was coming but 1 aunt and uncle, Keep in mind that Britt's Dad has a million brothers and sisters.  It's not that any of them don't have any money to come, I think it's a matter of disrespect!

Alright off my rant until next week!  Hopefully it will be full of exciting positive things!