Monday, October 24, 2011

1 Month Anniversary

Britt and I have been married one month today!

  It seems crazy, the last 4 weeks has blown by right before my eyes!  Here are a few pictures from our special day!
My beautiful dress
The Unity Cross
A girl from class told me about the Unity Cross, I was so glad that she did,  It was one of my favorite parts of our wedding.  The sculpture is something we can always look at and remember our special day and be reminded that God is the true center of our marriage and life. 
One of my favorite pictures that our fabulous photographers captured!

This may have been when the preacher called Britt, Brittany.  Pastor Derek said he had dreams the night before he kept messing up Britt's name and calling him Brittany, he slipped up one time, but everyone had a good kick out of it. Britt is a great sport and is pretty used to people hamming up his name, it's either Brett, Brent, or they think that I am Britt :)

Here's to many years and a life long of happiness with my wonderful husband!

Monday, October 17, 2011

8 weeks and since the wedding....

I really can't believe it, I only have 8 weeks left of school,  it feels so good to say that!  My final term is so hard, just a lot of review and busy work to get prepared for the big registry, but hey if it gets me a pass on the test I am all for it!

My BFF Andrea had a reveal party of little POP, and it's a girl.  Ms. Carlie will be here before we know it, I was totally pumped!  Also, my Sister told me last week that she was expecting on my birthday which is February 24th, meaning she was 21 weeks pregnant.  Carey was in my wedding and I really had NO CLUE!  So I am going to have 2 babes to spoil come February, hopefully they will allow my baby fever to subside for a little bit :). 

That's about it for now, here's to a good rest of the week!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mrs. Nelson

I am a Mrs. now, it makes me feel old, but I am loving it!  Here is a picture from our wedding,  it was a beautiful day and couldn't have went any better!  I will update with more pictures once they are back from the photographer :)