Thursday, June 30, 2011

Farmstead Pictures and Weekly Update

Britt finally got the DeAnna Rose Farmstead pictures re-sized and so here they are!  I am so glad I am able to spend time with my Sister and Nephews, life without them would not be the same!

This week has been crazy, my school schedule though very hectic and very tiring, has my "normal" schedule without school all messed up.  My body doesn't want to fall asleep, and I am completely exhausted.  I think I may have gotten too much sleep! :)

Yesterday, I was able to visit my 3rd clinical site!  It's a much bigger hospital and very busy, I am really excited to get back into a big hospital environment again! It's also 15 minutes closer which I am totally pumped about.  Britt's Mom, Jami, is excited because her favorite TJMaxx is in the same town as my new site, she LOVES Marshall's and TJMaxx and always knows where the best one's around are!  When we go on vacation, she scouts out the local one's and it's a must stop place! 

Tonight, we are going to Power & Light District in Kansas City, to see The Band Perry! The entire Nelson clan is going, so I will update with pictures this weekend! 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fabulous Weekend

Wow!  It's been a great weekend!  I really honestly can't believe it's over, only one more weekend off before back to the books.  It has been a great break this past week and I am looking forward to one more week off before I have to go at work, school, and clinicals full force.  Saturday, Britt and I had our engagement pictures, it was super steamy and sticky out, but we made it, I can't wait to see them.  All Saturday, I spent the day getting organized and ready for them! Today, Britt and I went to church and then my nephews and sister came up and we went to DeAnna Rose Farmstead!  The farmstead is an awesome place to take the little ones, they have all sorts of animals, and you can feed and pet a good majority of them. I love it when my nephews get to come see me, it doesn't happen enough!  The boys had a blast, they spent a lot of time at the pedal tractor circle!  They weren't really interested in any of the animals after we rode the pedal tractors, so we finished up looking at the rest of the animals and then went back to ride the tractors before leaving for the day!  I did get to do some sleeping in and some lying around this weekend that was much needed! I'll update with some pictures as soon as Britt uploads them, I took the pictures on the Nikon and really don't want to delete any of the other pictures off of there, plus Britt needs to resize them for me! Here's to another fabulous week! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pamper Me Tuesday!

Two weeks ago, I decided that I needed to take a day to pamper myself during my break, so today was the day!  I had a busy day it seemed, but it was very relaxing!  I started the morning off my visiting my friend Austin and she cut and colored my hair!  She did a fabulous job, as always! :)  After I was done at the salon, I came home and took a cat nap, then I went for my 60 minute massage, it was amazing!  I came home after my massage and have been lounging and working on laundry.  Mork and Macie were really excited for me to be home today, they even got to go on a walk, they LOVE walks!  They have been lying around the rest of the day, that's their favorite thing to do :)!
So... I had another change of plans on the bridesmaid dresses, I decided to try David's Bridal to find my dresses, I had looked there before but they really didn't have what I wanted.  However, when I went there on Sunday, to my surprise the color matched perfectly to the color that my Mom was going to make the dresses from! My sister absolutely loved the dress that I decided on back in November when she came to try on dresses for me!  So, she was super stoked when I told her we were going with her favorite pick!
Brooke modeling the bridesmaid dress

Mork relaxing

Macie hanging out
I also worked on my invite "belly band"  it will be in wine!

Back to work tomorrow for me,  but I am okay with that, only 3 more days until the weekend and Britt comes home on Thursday! 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Holy Charlie Horse and a Change of Plans!

Today has been one of the those stressful wedding planning days!  I have been for the last week, trying to figure out what the plans for the bridesmaid dresses will be, I bought the material for my Mom to make the dresses, however when she ironed the material it shrunk 1/8" on the crosswise grain!  I was really upset, because I really wanted the dresses that we had designed.  My sister also came up and tried on the muslin and it was too small, therefore my Mom would have to make each girl a muslin and then the actual dress.  So today, my goal was to find a dress that I like to replace the ones my Mom was going to make, not such an easy task when I had what I wanted because I couldn't find it and then it can't be made.  I don't know really what I did differently today while searching on the internet I haven't been able to find but one dress in this style, however I was able to find this dress from Alfred Sung:
I am pretty sure that it will work, a little on the pricier side of things, but Britt and I will pick up some of the cost to absorb some of that for the girls.  Now the only problem is getting everyone in to get fitted so that they can be ordered, with the wedding only 13 weeks away, I need to order them in the next week to guarantee delivery in time for the wedding, and any alterations. 

Secondly, I experienced my first Charlie Horse ever last night, wow, how painful!  My friend Amber, used to and still has them all the time, but when we were in high school and I was staying the night one night, she woke up with a charlie horse, I had first of all never heard of one and was "awaken" while I was asleep.  I proceeded to tell her to "shut up, get rid of it and go back to bed", I am not too kind when I talk in my sleep or am half way awake apparently.  This morning at 2:35 I text her to apologize, because I now understand what she felt like!  I was almost in tears and nothing that I could do about it, my calf is still really sore this morning from the muscle contracting. 

Today is my last weekend to work for the next two weeks, I am so incredibly excited, to just work my normal 40 hour work week and go home and relax!  Here's to a great week!

P.S.  POP(S) is a baby or babies :)  My BFF Andrea is pregnant after trying for 9 months!  I couldn't be more excited for her and Tyler, they will make amazing parents!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Today was my last day of class for the term, I was super nervous to take my final today.  Jason, my instructor, every term has a template up that allows you to put in your grades and find out what your class grade is and then mess around with the final to see what you need to pass.  According to the template I needed a 73% to pass.  No my grade really wasn't that bad before the test, I had an 81% in the class, but we have to pass with a class grade of 76% in order to move to the next class & our final was worth 25% of our class grade.  I don't really understand Radio-physics, it's not something that I grasp really well, so I am glad that it is over!
I studied pretty well for the test last night, I made flash cards which I find the easiest for me to study from.  My friend Heidi, that I carpool with wanted to leave early so that we had time to study without home distractions, and I am really glad that we did!  Nine o'clock came and two hours, and 200 questions later I was finally done taking the test.  My heart was honestly pounding what felt like out of my chest as I took it up to the front.  I said a little prayer both before and after the test, because I wasn't real sure it was going to turn out so well, but it did!!  I got an 83%, I couldn't be happier, I could finally breathe!  I can't wait to be off from class for the next two weeks, to just be able to work my 40 hour job will be such a great relaxer!  I am also taking some time off on Tuesday to doing a little pampering :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

11 Week End!

I can't believe that next week is already the end of my one of my two, hardest 11 week terms!!  I get the last two weeks off in June from school & clinicals.  To most people they would love to have a 2 week vacation, I am just stoked to get to only work my 40 hour job!  I am going to take one day for myself, and use the gift card that Britt got my for my birthday and go get my 1 hour massage!  Britt and I have our engagement pictures on the 25th and I don't want to look tired, like I have for the past 10 weeks.  My body every morning is finally starting to fight with me and tell me to go back to bed, I keep telling it give me one more week :)! 
This morning I was starving, Britt and I haven't had a chance to go to the store yet this weekend and so I stopped at Starbucks!  They were giving away free samples of their Mocha Coconut Frappacino, talk about amazing!  People who don't like coconut aka, Andrea Geneva won't like it, but for those of us who do, it's the best thing ever invented and it was FREE so even better!
Mocha Coconut Frappuccino
One last thing: I am super pumped about POP(S), I don't know if someone wants me putting on my blog what it is yet, so when I get permission, I will definitely be blogging about what the POP(S) is!  

Here is to a great week, and the last week of my 11 weeks for this term!  2 more 11 week terms and I am done with x-ray school!!  Whoop Whoop!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Permanent Retainer.... Not So Much!

The weather in Kansas is currently hot, but so beautiful, now if I could just get outside and get a tan, I would love it even more. Anyways, this weekend was a pretty productive weekend, I made 5 bows yesterday while taking care of customers at work, I guess if there is one thing I love about work, it is the fact that I don't have to use my hands the entire time I'm on the phone, I can answer a general amount of questions and make some bows without typing on the computer!  I was suppose to work today, and had full intentions to, however my retainer decided it would come off of my teeth. 

I had braces when I was in the 7th grade and was one of the lucky ones that only had to have them for a short period of time (10 months) and only on my 6 front bottom teeth.  My Orthodontist, Dr. O., puts in permanent retainers when the braces come off, basically it's a piece of wire, cemented to the back of my teeth.  I have broken 2 of them until today I upped my number to 3.  I was getting ready for church this morning, and was flossing my teeth, when my floss got stuck.  Now, flossing with a retainer is not so fun,  you have to get special floss and then you have to floss on the bottom underneath the wire and then above the wire, so its pretty much double the work.  When my floss got stuck I pulled on it trying to get it, undone (it constantly gets stuck) and my retainer came off of three teeth, leaving a wire sticking straight up. 

I have been really bad at wearing my plastic retainers, I haven't probably haven't put it in, in well over a year, so I had to go searching for it, and found it outside in the storage closet in a box!  Great place for it eh?  I decided to not to go to work, my retainer really hurts my teeth, the plastic one pretty much moves my teeth back into braces mode, and I talk with a pretty bad lisp and I really can't eat anything unless it's soft.

Every time I go in for my 6 month cleaning my dentist always says she would like to take it out, she said its grounds for plaque and bacteria.  Well she is going to get the pleasure of removing it tomorrow!I think 3 "permanent" retainers with in a period of 13 years is a little excessive, I will just have to get used to wearing my plastic retainer again!

One of the bows I made yesterday!